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“Everyone intends to succeed, but it is only those whom take action on their intentions that will every truly realize success.” 

- Keith Kettering

FIT for Golf
Golf Swing
FIT for Women
Female fitness

For the past 19 years Keith has owned and operated FIT (Formulated Individualized Training).  He works with clients seeking general conditioning, weight management and specific performance conditioning from quality of life clients whom have lost more than 200 pounds to elite level professional athletes training for a performance edge.  Every person provides new opportunities, challenges and insights into how rewarding it is to educate, motivate and inspire others to achieve and in many cases exceed their fitness goals....  LEARN MORE

FIT for Life
couple walking

CFT, ISSA, TPI, Certified Life Coach

Body Balance for Performance

Tel: 512-584-5844

Central Texas
Round Rock • Georgetown • Austin

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