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Wall of Fame

"Under the guidance of Keith Kettering, I lost over 200 lbs. on a low-calorie, medically supervised diet, along with rigorous physical activity. Keith led me through a combination of cardio, weights & core strength training to help me burn calories, build muscles & tighten skin. My progress was shown on KABC-TV & documented by both UCLA Medical Center & Kaiser Permanente.


Before my weight loss, I had very high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and was periodically on oxygen. I could not walk more than a half block without resting.  I was on many different medications, including 80 mg daily of diuretics.   Today, I am on no medication, I train with a trainer three times weekly & walk 5 – 10 miles each week.  

weight loss before


Keith is an excellent trainer with a well-balanced approach that strengthened every part of me.  He tailored each workout to address my particular strengths & needs, and then varied every session, so that it was impossible to get bored.  Even more important than helping me to take the weight off, Keith showed me how to incorporate the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain this weight loss.   I have now kept the weight off for more than 3 years & am living a healthy life.  Keith Kettering helped me to take back my life."



weight loss after



As I sit here thinking back over the past 13 months, I feel grateful to be in the situation and condition I am currently in. I moved to Round Rock in the summer of 2018 in rough shape. I had injured myself while exercising causing a herniated disc in my lower back. Barely able to straighten up with sharp shooting pain radiating down my left leg, I began a 15-week intensive physical therapy program, home exercise, and chiropractic care. I slowly recuperated to the point where I could consider exercising again. That is when I met personal trainer Keith Kettering. His approach to exercise training impressed me. He first evaluates your overall general health and “mental attitude” and then designs an exercise program appropriate for your body and mind. He explains the different exercises to perform, desired results, and which area of your body it targets. I found this extremely helpful and motivating knowing exactly the purpose of my actions. Now, 4 months since I began my training, the transformation is palpable. I feel stronger both mentally and physically and owe this renewed confidence to Keith. If you are looking for a personal trainer who listens, evaluates, and applies his knowledge to each person individually, you have found your man. I whole heartedly endorse Keith as a trainer extraordinaire. Respectfully yours,


Dr. Jon 

“Keith’s impact on my fitness level has been exciting.  I am stronger and longer than in my tour days and my back pain is gone.  

He has improved my energy, confidence and quality of life! I feel great again!”


Veteran LPGA Tour Player • PGA / LPGA Teaching Professional 

“Keith helped me create a balance between my golf swing, golf fitness and general fitness that not only allowed me to improve my golf performance and athleticism, but also provided insights to improve my health and quality of life for the rest of my life.”


-Emily, LPGA Tour

“There are not enough adjectives to express my appreciation for what you have done for me, and for what I have learned from you, since we started working together.  Saying “Thanks” just doesn’t seem enough. Your strategy for combining specific exercises to stretch and strengthen my “golf muscles” with stamina-building fitness techniques has developed my body from the inside out, within my time budget to maximize my results.  My golf teacher has verified that your techniques have directly contributed to the improvements in my posture, swing, ball flight and distance. But, the benefits to me have been far greater than applies to my golf. You also continue to be very supportive and encouraging and take an active interest in me as a “whole person” and your program has benefits for my whole life, not just golf.  Thank you for challenging me to be all that I can be!”


- Lisa, CFP®, Georgetown, TX

“I have been a client of Keith’s for 3 years until he moved to Austin and all I can say is that he has changed my life!!! Before I met Keith, I always thought that golf had nothing to do with fitness and vise versa .... he proved me wrong. Keith has been very instrumental in getting me in perfect shape and a great swing to add to it!!!  Thanks Keith!!!”

- Hansel

“As an ex-college tennis player and highly ranked amateur when I was 25 years I have experience training and competing at a high level athletically. That was over 20 years ago I had a new set of goals in mind. At age 48 and fairly out of shape I decided to try and improve my golf game. I was a 13 handicap and had a goal of getting to a low single digit golf handicap. To accomplish this I spent a year retooling a new swing with a golf professional that I had been working with. I knew that fitness would be a necessary component of achieving my goal but wanted to focus on the swing changes necessary first. With the new and improved swing I turned to Keith to provide me with a comprehensive fitness plan that included overall fitness training as well as specific golf related training techniques. He listened intently to my specific intentions and discussed in detail an approach to achieving my goals. In 3 months I lost 25 pounds, reduced my body fat immensely and have the best core muscles of my life. My flexibility has greatly improved and the stiffness and pain is gone. I am hitting the ball more consistently off the tee and very long. My handicap index is now a 3.6 and getting better. My ability to maintain posture and strength through entire rounds is completely attributed to the fitness training. Once Keith set my training in motion it was his continual communication and motivational talks with me that gave me a sense that it was a team effort to achieve my goals. His deep understanding of the human body as well as his complete understanding of the "Golf Swing" has helped me achieve my goals so quickly. My only regret is that I did not know Keith in my tennis playing days.”


- Scott, Round Rock, TX

“I had just had my 3rd child and weighed more than I ever had. I always lost weight after having my children, but ended up gaining weight in between, and had gotten to a point where I had never been before. I knew it was time to really get serious about not only losing weight, but getting back in to shape and getting healthy again. I had let myself get completely out of shape over the years once I became a busy working Mom.  I started Weight Watchers and decided to invest in a personal trainer, and a friend recommended Keith. I made the call, set up my first appointment, and never looked back. It was tough, but Keith was awesome! He kept me going and motivated, wanting to work out-- a big change! I worked with Keith for about 5 months, and lost about 35 pounds during that time. The most important thing Keith helped change in me, beyond the pounds lost, was that by the time I finished working with him, I actually WANTED to exercise, which made me continue my "getting healthy" journey, and stick with it! I've dieted before, I've exercised before, but something changed in me this time, to make it a true lifestyle change and want to stay this way forever-- never letting myself get back to the point where I was when I started.  I still keep Keith up to date with where I am getting to my weight loss goal, so he is still supportive, which is nice! Thanks, Keith!”


- Elizabeth, Austin, TX

“.....Keith inspires me to be the best I can be, not only in the gym but in my life!....His knowledge of fitness is second to none. He is the only one I will ever train with.Through his support, dedication and respect regarding my fitness/figure goals, I got the results I was looking for!!!.......placing 3rd as NPC Figure Competitor Master 45+!!!  His abdominal workouts are phenomenal!!! They got me the best abs ever!”

- Mishel, Burbank, CA

"I started my health journey January 1st, 2017 with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. I was 299 pounds and was in the worst shape in my life, when I decided things had to change…or else. Keith guided me through this journey helping me repair the damage done to my body due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. The workouts were never easy, but he let me go at a pace I could perform at considering my weight and lack of strength.  Patiently and repeatedly he showed me correct form and more importantly explained why that form was important.  I'm still a work in progress, but I'm down 100 pounds.  I have never felt better in my life, at any age, and I'm 58.  Keith, I owe you my life.  Thank you for caring.  I could not imagine a better coach."

- Dave, Austin, TX

"About a year ago, a group of 3 friends and I started working out with Keith on a weekly basis.  The friends and I are all of a “certain” age and are trying to ward off the physical downhill slide that often accompanies our time of life.  Working with Keith has been tremendous!  He keeps our workouts varied, fun, interesting, and with results that are definitely worth the effort.  Thanks to Keith, I feel stronger and have more stamina than I have had in years!"  

- Sue

“Years ago I worked out with a trainer and although I knew it was “good for me” I always felt rather bored and that i was just another job for the trainer. Many years later and quite out of shape along came Keith! My group of 4 have been training with him for 15 months now and speaking for myself only,  I cant begin to thank him enough for our workouts and the results of these workouts. He varies our routines to keep us interested, works to overcome and compensate for whatever ails us at the moment. In other words: he pays attention and because he cares we are able to work through our momentary limitations.  He has worked with us through recovery from surgeries helping to strengthen us as well as suggesting fixes for chronic issues.  Personally, I am very grateful to Keith for helping me be stronger and more physically fit at 71 than I have been in years!


- Nicole R.

"Today I write this having completed one year of training with Keith Kettering as a fitness trainer. When I started with Keith I had realized that while being a runner I had achieved a certain level of cardio fitness, but couldn't touch my toes. I work at a hospital and over 2/3s of our trauma cases at the hospital are from falls. I knew I had to develop an overall fitness routine to focus on balance, strength, flexibility and cardio.

After a year I have seen significant changes in overall flexibility and strength. I have put on 5 lbs of muscle, and have seen significant improvement in flexibility, strength and balance. Simply put Keith gets results.  I am impressed with Keith's knowledge in fitness and pleasantly surprised and challenged by the varied workout routines he brings to my sessions. I have never been bored. In addition to knowledge Keith is a good person who has concern for my emotional well being as well as physical fitness. I highly recommend Keith to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and overall health. 

- Rev. Dave  |  Round Rock, TX

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